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Welcome to Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd, A Genuine Handmade Leather Wallet Manufacturer and Supplier in India.

Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd leading leather wallet manufacturer in india. Known for best quality leather wallet supplier and exporter company. Offering different varities of leather wallet from luxurious to minimalist. Since 2001, Jhanji Exports taking pride in offering the best quality leather wallets for men made of 100% Genuine Leather. We manufacture high-quality leather wallets for men that are aesthetic and durable. We have established a reputation as a noted Leather Wallets Supplier and Exporter because of our ability to offer the best.

Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd is committed to manufacturing full-service leather wallets with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our Craftsmen are highly skilled and specialise in producing high quality leather wallets. Our collection of leather wallets are unique, affordable, and truly fantastic. Our artisans have worked from start-up companies to big brands since we are the best leather wallet manufacturers in India. 

We have some great options for you if you’re looking for a leather wallet manufacturer in India. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers. Therefore, we use the best vertically integrated leather goods production processes in the market. Buyers can choose the best design from our vast collection. 

We offer Different Styles Leather Wallet for Men.

Modern Man is being comfortable in his own style. Being professional out from home, there is something that enduring the personality which is the Leather Wallet. Considering the style and durability of leather wallet for Men is the perfect accessory for those who prefer to own things that are both classy and comfortable. As a leather wallet maker in India for Men or leather wallet manufacturer in India. We focus on fashion and comfortability for Men and Ladies wallets. Currently, we manufacture over a dozen types of leather wallets in different colors and styles. Choosing only the best wallet designs in India would be an excellent idea for anyone looking for a chance to choose from among the best wallet manufacturers in India. Jhanji Exports Quality and good service are what has distinguished our company for over 20 years.

You can choose your wallet style for customise with your own requirements, specifically based on your customer’s needs to compliment your customer’s lifestyle.

Leather Coat Wallet Manufacturer

Leather Coat Wallet

Leather trucker manufacturer in india

Leather Trucker Wallet

Bifold Leather wallet manufacturer

Leather Bifold Wallet

Leather Passport Wallet Manufacturer in India

Leather Passport Wallet

leather card holder manufacturer

Leather Card Holder Wallet

Trifold Leather wallet manufacturer

Leather Trifold Wallet

leather checkbook cover manufacturer

Leather Checkbook Cover Wallet

Zipped Leather wallet manufacturer

Leather Zipper Wallet

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Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd is a Leading Leather Wallet Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We manufacture various fashionable wallets with superior quality. We are one of the leading leather wallet manufacturers in India. With 100% export capacity, our factory manufactures leather wallets in both full-grain and top-grain.  We also have a high focus on quality control during production as a manufacturer of leather wallets. Currently, we have an inventory of more than 100+ designs in different pattern leather wallets. Explore our product page to make an offer of a selected leather wallet.

Bifold leather wallet manufacturer in india

Leather Bifold Wallets

We have huge collections Genuine Leather Bifold Wallets. See bifold leather wallets sample
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Trifold leather wallets manufacturer in india

Leather Bifold Wallets

We have huge collections Genuine Leather Trifold Wallets. See trifold leather wallets sample
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Zipped Leather Wallet manufacturer

Zipped Leather Wallets

We have huge collections Genuine Leather Zipped Wallets. See zipped leather wallets sample
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leather notecase wallet manufacturer

Leather NoteCase Wallets

We have huge collections Genuine Leather NoteCase Wallets. See notecase leather wallets sample
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Money Clip Wallet Manufacturer

Leather Money Clip Wallets

We have huge collections Genuine Leather Money Clip Wallets. See money clip leather wallets sample
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Bifold Leather Wallet Products Samples.

Trifold Leather Wallet Products Samples.

Notecase & Zipped Leather Wallet Products Samples.

What We Offer as Private Label Custom Leather Wallet Manufacturer

Jhanji Exports is a comprehensive private label custom leather wallet maker that specializes in mass production, design, and marketing in the wallet market. We are manufacturer of custom wallet manufacturer in India of high quality and a pocket purse of moderate quality, depending on the customers’ standards and matching market requirements. The leather wallet company we work for manufactures custom leather wallets with unique styles for a wide variety of customers worldwide. 

Custom leather wallets and private label leather wallets are produced by Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd. Where customers can design their own leather wallets or have their logo embossed. We are manufacturing custom leather wallets in hundreds of different styles available today, each of which has its own unique elements – which can be mixed and matched to fit our different personal lifestyles. All of them differ fundamentally and possess some unique features that separate them.


Prototyping Your Leather Project to Work Out Design Kinks. Throughout generations, our artisans have inherited secrets. We use ancestral techniques to make our leather goods, giving careful attention to details and paying special attention to every little thing.


Our team makes your ideas a reality. We ensure our success by choosing only the finest materials and leathers. Having selected the materials you wish to work with, our leather goods manufacturing factory has all the equipment necessary to fabricate all types of leather goods right away.

Quality Control

Quality warranty, made in India. The quality of the final product is our top priority. Having a well-designed and well-manufactured product ensures that our customers will be satisfied, which improves the image of our company.

Our Leather Wallet Production Factory Process and Timeline.

Since its founded in the year 2001, Jhanji Exports has built a reputation for being one of the finest leather wallet manufacturers and exporters in India. We have our own tanning factory in Kolkata, and it has over three manufacturing plants in Delhi, India. The craftsman family of Jhanji Exports has over 500 artisans at any given time making leather goods for the market. All quality principles being followed during the production of the products.

Our services include complete vertical integration from design to production of leather goods, where all things are carried out under one roof. In order to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for all types of men’s leather wallets, we are a custom wallet manufacturer. You can turn to us for any requirement, whether it is sourcing raw materials, development, manufacturing, quality assurance, or freight, we can help you.

Jhanji Exports Manufacturing timeline