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Jhanji Exports owned by the Jhanji Family has its own tannery in Kolkata as named Kolkata Leather Complex. The tannery is involved in the manufacture of leather from raw to finished. The Tanning Process ensuring the quality of leather in the production procedure.

Leather is a time-honored material used for clothing and accessories years before the fashion industry. As times have changed with fashion, the real leather products are long-lasting and age beautifully with the time.

Apart from the obvious fact that you would be able to acquire the best quality of the leather product from the Jhanji Exports Tannery. With over 20 years of working for and specializing in the Leather Industry,

The Jhanji Exports was founded in 2001 with one goal in mind: to make high-quality leather accessible to artisans and small businesses. Below resource for you to become familiar with some of our most frequently used terms to describe characteristics and processes.

Quality of leather produced by Jhanji Exports
Tanning, Skill and Technology

Scientists discovered methods of softening and preserving leather by treating animal skins with natural resources. Variations of this process, known as tanning, have been used to produce better quality material throughout history.

While manufacturing leather from the hide to tanning to finishing leather, we make sure to enhance the natural beauty of the product and give it a polished touch. After finished with leather than to be transported leather from Kolkata to New Delhi.

Once the skins are received by our leather store, our highly skilled team closely monitors the quality and then assorts the leather product-wise. After verifying the material and then the leather deport to the cutting department.

The cutting administration issues the leather to different cutters. Who Cuts the leather with help of cutting dies and clickers. The other accessories like lining, metal accessories, thread, and adhesive are sourced by the accessories department. The bought accessories are get inspected by the concerned merchandiser, who insures the quality and peculiarity of accessories for production before it is issued.

Jhanji Exports Tannery

Leather and other related material like lining, material accessories, adhesive, the thread being undertaken by the stitching department. The stitching department managing the allocation of the material to the workers who operate the machines. The Supervising technician’s handwork each side for a smooth, consistent of leather products.

Every manufactured leather product being verified by the qualified checking department to ensure quality which is a top priority for us, which makes us strive hard to deliver high-quality services within the giving period of time. You’ll appreciate the quality that comes from over 20 years of experience.

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