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Welcome to Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd : A Genuine Leather Belt Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Delhi, India.

Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd one of the noted Leather Belt Manufacturers in Delhi, India. We are also most reputed custom belt manufacturer and private label leather belts manufacturer with brand logo embossed. We manufactures high-end, medium-priced men’s and women’s belts, and as an e-commerce belt provider with a unique design that is useful for both formal and casual attire and that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. You can rely on our leather belts for durable, elegant and comfortable range at competitive market prices.  

Our Leather belts being manufactured using only graded material and apply the right methods to design and deliver only the best to our customers. Moreover, we make sure to perform required quality tests before sending the final product to end-customer. We also serve many of our customers who are looking for custom leather belts & private label leather belt manufacturing service in India. 

Our export factory providing quality and tailor-made services. Every day, our team of in-house designers develops new and improved styles according to current fashion trends through design, sampling, creation, and production. For the manufacture of belts, we employ skilled labor from several regions throughout India. To ensure a good texture and longer product life, we use Fine Quality Leather and High-Quality Synthetic Leather. The products we make are made from leather, webbing, and ribbon straps that can combine with many other materials to make belts, camera straps, dog collars, and leashes. 

We are Manufacturer of Different Styles Leather Belts

We manufacture custom belts both high-quality leather belts and low-cost belts that meet customer requirements. Since we manufacture customized belts, our craftsmen produce more than 12 different belts. A popular belt that we produce in our tannery. Based on your brand’s specifications and needs, Jhanji Exports manufactures both in India and overseas. To ensure that we meet your expectations, our design team works with you. Our factories have the machines and sewers required to manufacture belts of all types to your exact specifications.

Braided Leather Manufacturer in India
Braided Belt
Double Buckle Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Double Buckle Leather Belt
Double Prong Belt Manufacturer In India
Double Prong Belt
Double Wrap Belt Manufacturer in India
Double Wrap Belt
Embossed Belt Manufacturer in India
Embossed Belt
Formal Belt Manufacturer in India
Formal Belt
Knot Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Knot Belt
Ratchet Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Ratchet Belt
Skinny Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Skinny Belt
Stitched Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Stitched Belt
Studded Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Studded Belt
Wide Leather Belt Manufacturer in India
Wide Belt

Explore Our Genuine Handmade Leather Belts Products Samples

Among the most important fashion accessories, leather belts are used both by men and women.  With our extensive experience in manufacturing private-label leather belts and custom leather belts. We offers Men’s Embossed Black Leather Belt, Top Stitched Feather Edge Belt, Braided Men’s Leather Belt, Thin Woman’s Leather Belt, Distressed Leather Belt, Double Stitched Men’s Formal Leather Belt, Waved Women’s Belt in Leather, Beige Leather Belt for Men’s, Unisex Initial Leather Belt, Traditional Leather Belts for Women, Hammered Genuine Leather Belt, Stripped Leather Belts, Leather Studded Belt, Bonded Leather Belts. We provide only the highest quality belts to all our customers.

men's leather belt manufacturer in india

Men's Leather Belts

We have huge collections Genuine Men's Leather Belts. See men's belts sample
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Ladies leather belt manufacturer in india

Ladies Leather Belts

We have huge collections Genuine Ladies Leather Belts. See ladies belts sample
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full grain leather belt manufacturer in india

Full Grain Leather Belts

We have huge collections Genuine Full Grain Leather Belts. See full grain leather belts sample
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Braided leather belt manufacturer in india

Braided Leather Belts

We have huge collections Genuine Braided Leather Belts. See leather braided belts sample
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leather canvas belt manufacturer in india

Leather Canvas Belts

We have huge collections Canvas Leather Belts. See leather canvas belts sample
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reversible leather belt manufacturer in india

Reversible Leather Belts

We have huge collections Genuine Leather Reversible Belts. See leather reversible belts sample
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How We Work as Custom Leather Belt Manufacturer.

Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd is India’s best leather belt maker, offering custom belt manufacturing to top iconic brands worldwide. Our design team includes professional engineers with sample development and manufacturing abilities. 

We manufacture custom belts made of leather according to customer specifications. No matter what your design is, we can take care of your leather belts and buckles. Our leather belts are also available with customer logos or brand names embroidered on them. With our custom belt manufacturing services, you can be assured that whatever method you choose to manufacture your custom leather belt, your belt will be high quality and last for many years. In Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd, every step of the manufacturing process takes place in India.


Prototyping Your Leather Project to Work Out Design Kinks. Throughout generations, our artisans have inherited secrets. We use ancestral techniques to make our leather goods, giving careful attention to details and paying special attention to every little thing.


Our team makes your ideas a reality. We ensure our success by choosing only the finest materials and leathers. Having selected the materials you wish to work with, our leather goods manufacturing factory has all the equipment necessary to fabricate all types of leather goods right away.

Quality Control

Quality warranty, made in India. The quality of the final product is our top priority. Having a well-designed and well-manufactured product ensures that our customers will be satisfied, which improves the image of our company.

Why You Should Choose Us as Leather Belt Manufacturing Company?

Being one of the leading organizations in the market, we are involved in offering an exclusive collection of Men’s Leather Belts are completely flexible and highly demanded to tie around the waist. Matched up with both casual as well as formal wears, the provided belts are known for their fine finish and remarkable durability. The offered belts are designed by our experts by making use of superb quality leather materials, sourced from the top industries. These men’s leather belts are accessible in many designs and sizes to meet the different requirements of our patrons. 

We have our own tanneries in India, wherein craftsmen using only the finest quality leather for leather belt manufacturing which are made in lifelong styles. The leather belt we make is of the highest quality, and all of our procedures are strictly followed in production. Customers can customize their belts according to their specific designs and print brand logos on the belts. We are a premier leather belt manufacturer that adheres to all the norms for quality control of leather during production.

Our Leather Belt factory Detailing Process From Manufacturing to Delivery Timeline.

Jhanji Exports Pvt Ltd takes pride in exceeding all leather belt quality guidelines within the leather industry. As a custom belt maker, we were able to develop a reputation for delivering superior leather belts in a timely manner. 

Since we are a custom belt maker, we provide our customers with the best quality leather belts and personalized custom leather belt manufacturing services. We also help them build their own line of leather belts. Leather belt makers protect the environment by using only water-based glues and paints.

Jhanji Exports Manufacturing timeline
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